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Kind of bumping this to see if there were any other ideas of how to go about fixing this issue. Thanks! My Fiancee and I play together all the time, and she is slowly getting to be on my same level so we are having progressively more of the same issue.
I don't have any ideas left. I don't even see anything like it happen on my machine when I play, either on pad or off, so I can't investigate it.
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The PS3 dance pads don't work that well from my experience in Windows.

The official PS3 dance pads won't work at all but DDRGame sells a PS3 dance pad that seems like it works in StepMania however it causes mis-fires every 100 steps or so randomly. I've never tried two at the same time, but I was disappointed with them and I know it was the circuit board because I have the ability to swap circuit boards with the same dance pads, I thought my pads were going bad but swapping to another USB circuit board caused everything to be flawless, I have never used the PS3 circuit boards for stepmania since then and I strongly discourage using any PS3 dance pads outside of the PS3 itself.

Otherwise turn on your vsync, find your video driver text in stepmania.ini and try changing them, for instance it should currently be opengl,d3d just swap both of them so it's videodriver=d3d,opengl

Then you can try running stepmania at a lower resolution.

Also turn on the option to display the frame-rate to make sure you're at 60fps. If you're hitting 60fps and there is no visual stuttering without any dance pads connected then the problem is your dance pads, get some from d-force mania that are native USB not meant for PS3. There are third party Xbox360 dance pads that seem to work well the "Beat Pad" BUT I've had about two dozen of them and one pad didn't work at all it was connected weird so those are mostly hit but sometimes miss on if they will work. There was no visual indication on what made the one different than the others it was wired differently internally and worked fine on Xbox360 just like the official Konami X360 pads that don't work on PC. So again strongly advise that you get a pure USB PC dance pad.