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I know this has been discussed over and over again; I have been at this for 2 days and I still have the Axis issue.

Running Windows 8
Using Blue Triangle Double PS2 to PC Adapter: This Thing
Using MadCatz PS2 steppad and Konami DDR MAX dance mat
I followed the steps from here:

I downloaded the driver from media fire and went to Device and Printers. I double click and right click but there was no option for selecting "Dancemat mode"
I downloaded Xbox CE 32 bit and Run As Admininstrator> Game Controllers>TWIN PS TO PC converter. This shows the option for dancemat.
Xbox CE > Advance> Sub type> Dancepad> Save.
Xbox CE > Game Controllers> TWIN PS TO PC converter> properties> Funtion test> Dancemat mode.
Stepmania> option> Mapping> Exit. When Configured, the arrows would show (Joy1 left 1, joy1 right 1, so on..)
Axis Problem

This is the closest I gotten to have the pad work

There was a way that had "Keyboard & Mouse Settings" but i could never get that to work either.
I have google searched this issue for awhile and I have not gotten the Axis issue fixed.
If you have a way to connect the PS2 dance mat to work on Stepmania, please let me know!

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Have you tried the in-game axis fix?
Options -> Input Options -> Advanced Input Options -> Axis Fix
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Yes! This was the solution!I had no idea this was built into the game already.

Thank you sir, I can now carry on with my days and step in peace.