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Hi there!

I have 2 DDR-ps2 pads. I connect them to my pc using a Super JoyBox Pro 5. Individually they work perfectly fine, but when I try to use both pads at the same time, weird things happen. At first, the drivers installed would only apply to the main pad, and the second one wouldn't hold buttons (it's repeatedly spamming, but not registering as a hold).
I reinstalled the drivers and restarted my computer. Now, however, when I try to set the keymaps, the two pads are constantly switching configuration, making it impossible to configure them:

I configure pad 1: When I want to bind 'start', I select what I want the start button to be, and register it. At first, it registers as "Joy2 B9" For example. When I configure it a second time, it switches to "Joy3 B9", so it's another joypad. I don't understand what's happening here. It's random whether it picks Joy2 or Joy3, but the pads seem to be both at the same time? (When I play multiplayer, the pads will register every step as both players...)

Does anyone have any idea what I can do to fix this issue? The Super JoyBox 5 Pro is supposed to work with multiplayer.