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Since shipping overseas is either not available or ridiculously expensive, I'm interested in good pad choices for someone living in Europe.

I have seen the Impact Dance Platform in action a few times. It's lightweight, there are no screws or sharp parts to step on and the arrows mostly work fine, no sticky arrows, no ghost steps. Can be used with or without shoes.

However on some machines there are short periods (sometimes 1-2 seconds) when the pads stop registering arrow presses. This can happen during play and it's very annoying. It's possible that the problem is with the control box, or that the problem could be mitigated by fiddling with some settings. The basic foam pads worked perfectly fine with the same config on the same day, so the USB ports were not malfunctioning.
Finally we have found a PC where the problem is not present and we could use that.

So all in all, this could be a perfect pad if not for the issue we have experienced.

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