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hi there, the 2 links proivided by the stepmania site are american only, in europe I found another supplier, and he even has adapters!!!

they sell the following adapters:
Xbox -> USB
PS2 -> Wii
PS2 -> USB ( or PS3)
Sega Saturn -> USB
Gamecube -> USB (I have this one and it works perfectly on linux)
N64 -> USB
PS2 -> Wii
Xbox -> PS2
Wii -> USB
4x PS/PS2 -> USB
Xbox360/PS3/PS2/ universal adapter
Wii-U -> PC (wireless)
PS3 -> USB (wireless)
and the following pads:
mayflash wii-pad
mayflash soft-pad w/o inlays (good for beginners, but please don't try an expert stage on this, it will break!!)
impact softpad
3 in 1 / 5 in 1 V2.5 pad (mayflash) -> work perfectly for all difficulties.
Futuremax own V3 pads (similar to V2.5 they even have the same button mapping)

hard pads:
impact arcade (tried these, don't like them)

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