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Alright, after purchasing these bad boys, I underwent hernia surgery, then suffered a compound fracture of a broken arm pretty much back to back requiring three surgery's and several months so haven't had a chance to give these pads a decent try until this week. My honest opinion is they suck, badly. The goddamn buttons stick constantly on all four arrows. I went out and purchased a fuckin plastic dance pad just to be sure I hadn't lost my step so severely and guess what, wasn't me! On the plastic pos pads, I was scoring A's, AA, and AAA's on all songs. On these pads, couldn't get higher than a D. This is no joke and I'd be happy to upload video of it to naysayers. Buyer beware, these pads suck ass, actually probably the worst pads I think I've ever used before. I'm going to try and add weather stripping foam tape around the edges of each arrow so the fuckn arrows don't constantly "stick" and see if that does the trick. If so, I might change my rating because they are an ascetically gorgons design, but if the user has to fix it to use it, then it's a good a broken upon shipment.
Omega GX's shouldn't stick at all, definitely contact Precision about it (although, PrayerWarrior does read these forums).
Fixed! I opened up the pads and there were several bubbles in the foil on the top (plastic) part of the pad causing the two foil connectors to constantly touch one another. I decided to put foam tape on the bottom foil pads inset a quarter-inch from the Velcro so the top would still stick without issue. Now the pads work fantastic, getting my AA's again! Once again, pads look terrific, but buyer beware, requires self assembly!

Picture of dance pads and one opened with foam tape:

I bought some generic metal dance pads maybe six years ago off ebay and they've worked well for years on 32-bit versions of Windows XP, Windows Vista, and Windows 7 without any drivers to install - I just plugged them in, Windows saw something, and I started Stepmania 3.4 before Windows said the device was unrecognizable and they worked fine (if I waited until Windows saw the device AND said it was unrecognizable, I had to restart my computer because it wouldn't let Stepmania see it after that point).

So one new computer later and I discover my ddr pads don't work with Windows 7 64-bit. Just to make sure it was not the pads, I plugged them into my old computer with W7 32-bit and they worked just fine however in the new computer, Stepmania 3.4 and 5.0 does not see them no matter the method I use to plug them in - Windows does see the dance pads right away. I tried to find a generic 64-bit driver for dance pads, but couldn't. Has anybody else had this issue and got their dance pads working?

Finally, I'm highly considering springing for this pad: Impact Arcade. Has anyone tried it, and if so, does it work with W7 64-bit?

If you want to spend money on a new pad, I highly recommend Precision Dance Pads. I do not personally own one (I currently do not have 300+ USD to buy any nice pad), but I ALWAYS recommend them to everyone just due to the overwhelming amount of satisfaction people give for those pads. I'm hoping to someday acquire enough money to buy one of those pads, customize it with my youtube/stream logos, and do videos of me testing and playing on the pads. But for now, that is merely a dream.
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