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I'm attempting to get my metal dance pad and controller box hooked up to my Windows computer, so I bought a PS to USB converter (

The adapter works fine on a normal PS2 controller, but when I connect the dance pad, all I get is a flashing "13" in the controller configuration setting:

The dance pad ( has a 15-pin connector into the control box ( and is many years old. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!
I actually had the exact same issue! Those adapters don't work. All they are is a rewire to USB for PS3, the controller inside that translates the data sent from the pad is read incorrectly on PC since it was built for the PS3 to read the inputs and I'm sure if there was a proper driver for it (which there isn't. I spent an entire week looking nonstop for one that would work), it would work fine, but no one has created one. I bought two and unfortunately all I got was that damned button 13 pressed every 1.5 seconds. Don't buy any more; they're worthless in the context of using them for Stepmania. I'm trying to find a decent adapter myself.

Edit: I also just now noticed that this is a year old. Sorry if this information wasn't helpful to you anymore, but to anyone else who is coming here new, don't buy it.

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